About the game

Two prehistoric buddies. One feels there must be more in life than just hunting dinos. while the other enjoys every tasty bit of it. Thatís when a woman comes in. Meet Ugo, Dawson and friends in a 2D action platform game packed with a humorous storyline.

CaveDays is a platform game where players can be on Ugo and Dawson's feet trying to survive in the cave age.

30 areas packed with challenges, puzzles and a fun storyline where we can see that the cave days life was not that different from ours.


Explore 30 levels filled with dangerous dinosaurs, dive into the pre-historic ocean, savage trough the wild jungle, climb mountains and avoid burning lava balls that emerge from lava reefs.

In CaveDays you will be able to jump, swim, swing your clave, bite dinos, get bitten by them, hang on wines, get swallowed by carnivorous plants, get pushed by geysers, fly through wind tunnels, carry big dinos, eat delicious and not so delicious fruits.

  • 30 levels of fun, including unlockable levels
  • 4 full-featured environments: Mountain, Forest, Rolling Hills and Underground
  • Innovative gameplay - pick-up objects and throw them wherever you want!
  • 100+ goals to complete
  • Lots of humorous cutscenes
  • Vines, Ladders, Water, Lava, Geysers, Carnivorous Plants, Insects and more!
  • Highly detailed pixelart - retro style
  • Original soundtrack
  • Compelling characters and storyline
  • T-Rex included!
Insolita Studios