Privacy Policy

Registration of personal information

Only by online ordering will any personal information (name, address and phone number) be registered by Insolita Studios. All details regarding credit card transactions (card number, expiry date etc.) will only be known by our online payment service provider.

Storage of personal information

Insolita Studios will keep personal information (name, address, phone number and email address) from online orders. The information is stored in databases on our own servers, and we are taking all available technical measures to ensure that none of this information can be tampered with or read by any third party.

Use of personal information

No personal information will ever be given to any third parties without prior written permission from the involved persons.

Use of cookies

This website uses cookies to register what links visitors of have followed to get to the site. These cookies are used solely for statistical purposes; no personal information is attached to them. If you will not allow to store cookies in your browser, you can either delete them or simply block the website from setting them - please refer to your browser's documentation.

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